Our mission

Halley gives life to modern business

Combining the skills and vision of our specialists with the most advanced technologies, we can offer modern, high-performance and personalized web pages, so as to encourage the growth and consolidation of innovative businesses.


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Presentation site

A multi-objective company presentation tool that allows visitors to explore a range of products and provides additional information about the company and its values.

Online shop

It is a website through which buyers can place orders, make payments and receive products directly at home, and sellers can sell their goods without the need for a physical store.

News portal

It is an access point for news in the media and a way to spread articles, news and studies in various fields to readers around the world.

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Why us?

Ideas for business modernization

We help companies to make themselves known to the general public and to overcome the existing limits in the real environment.
We help you grow your business

We are passionate about creating outstanding web pages that add value to modern business and ensure long-term success.
We offer advice and support

Our design and development team can become your team as we work together to create a personalized, high-performance and secure website.


August 31, 1989 13/3, Cahul, Republic of Moldova


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